FOX News: School Denies Autistic Boy Lunch Over Billing Issue

I was reading this on Fox News and can’t help but wonder of those would have happened to a NT child. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

All credit for this article goes to Fox News and the original article can be found at the link. School Denies Autistic Boy Lunch Over Billing Issue,

New York News | New York City Breaking News

The mother of a kindergarten student with autism is outraged because the boy was denied lunch at his New Jersey school due to a billing issue. reports that Sylvia and John Caravella say they received a note from Cliffwood Elementary School on Tuesday indicating that their five-year-old son, John Robert, did not receive lunch. The Caravellas admit they missed the payment for the first few days of lunch, but said that the school should not have withheld food.

David Healy, superintendent of the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District, said the boy did have a snack and juice earlier that day, but admitted its not a practice of the district to deny food to any student.

“It’s an unfortunate oversight that since has been addressed,” Healy told

Healy, who has apologized to the Caravellas, said it was an isolated incident.

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