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Pumpkin Pie for breakfast?

I’m the worst parent ever. I forgot that we needed cereal and so the kids don’t have any cereal for breakfast this morning. 


To further solidify my above statement about being the worst parent ever, the boys are having pumpkin pie for breakfast.

Please help me not to feel so bad. Have you ever had a morning like this? Have you kids ever had something unusual for breakfast?

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Lost and Tired

I'm Rob Gorski and I started this blog in January 2010 as a means of sharing my family's real life journey raising 3 boys on the #Autism Spectrum.
It's important for people to understand what Autism can really be like and the impact it has on the family. We aren't a TV show and there are no actors. This is our struggle, our journey...and it's all true.

I am "Lost and Tired" and
this is "My Reality #Autism".

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  • Lauri Pig Knuckles

    I eat whatever for breakfast and sometimes my son does, too. As long as it’s not chips, candy or other sweets, it doesn’t matter to me.

  • Jennifer Ciardi Reid

    pumpkin is a fruit, crust is grains, dairy in the whip.cream….looks pretty balanced to me

  • Sonja L Andrus

    Fruit or veggie pies for breakfast are great!!

  • Lisa Miller Patton

    Oh you need to listen to Bill Cosby tell about letting his kids eat chocolate cake for breakfast. It will make you laugh!

  • Kim Williams

    Pumpkin pie is how I have gotten vitamin A into Sam for years. Good breakfast food. Period.

  • Jeanna Jackson White

    Rice and gravy for my girl this morning…

  • Brenda Peters

    We have had cake. I figure no more sugar then a doughnut right

  • Kathleen Barney King

    Not any worse than a donut. My kid wanted chex mix lol

  • Kaja Lee Coleman

    Don’t feel bad, we have all been there!!

  • Deanna Hill

    eggs, milk, wheat (flour), pumpkin is full of fiber and vitamins – why not? Hey, our kids keep us hopping – sometimes we miss something…no worries about pie for breakfast every now and then…

  • Cindy Fogle

    How is pumpkin pie for breakfast even comparable to being bad when people eat donuts, danishes, pop tarts, cinnamon rolls, frosted flakes… the list goes on, really. why one sweet pastry is “OK” for breakfast and another isn’t is ridiculous.

  • Samantha Sowden

    Pumpkin pie is probably better than cereal :)

  • Patty Rodrigues

    It is chocolate ice cream cake here…

  • Dana Martin Quesinberry

    I LOVE pie for breakfast, and pumpkin pie is a lot healthier than other kinds that it could be!

  • Celeste Johnson

    Pumpkin pie for breakfast is awesome! Pumpkin is a squash so therefore healthy. :-)

  • Jennifer Piatt

    Hey its probably healthier than a lot of breakfast cereal or pop tarts, mini muffins… at least the pie has a vegetable in it.

  • Dawn Richardson Milligan

    Pumpkin pie for breakfast has happened alot here lol… and I had cereal in the house! Lol

  • Becky Rogers Wiren

    No, it’s okay. Really.

  • Kitania

    I'm so jealous of you all! I've never even tried pumpkin pie… That's what comes of being a brit, and not having the lovely celebration that is thanksgiving! Rob, you do so much good for your boys, one morning of a naughty brekkie is just a treat and by no means makes you a bad parent. if anything, it makes you a cool parent!

  • petulawrites

    Well, I had birthday cake for breakfast one day and I let the kids have pizza for breakfast one day soooooo it's all good. :-)

    • lostandtired

      @petulawrites thanks :-)

  • Melisssssa

    I ate a slice of my pumpkin cheesecake for mine this morning…no judgement here! LOL :P

    • lostandtired

      @Melisssssa Was if good? Lizze would be jealous. :-)

  • E The Third Glance

    Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast the day after a holiday was practically vernacular in my home growing up – it was one of my mom's more pleasant ways of extending the holidays. Just as soon as I get up, I'm going to have some too. It's not an everyday thing, just a special thing. :)

    • lostandtired

      @E The Third Glance that does it. Pumpkin Pie for breakfast is a new tradition in our house :-)

  • KathyKohlBuehler

    I am about to have  some leftover green bean casserole and some yummy stuffing for breakfast, and I might have pie, if it hasn't  been stolen in the night. Best part of Thanksgiving!

    • lostandtired

      @KathyKohlBuehler thanks :-)

  • Charyss

    I think the once a year or so Pumpkin pie for breakfast is really fine.  Even if it wasn't as healthy as it truly is.  It is a little nod the the holiday that you may not get to enjoy as much as you like, but its a tiny little relaxation.  Shoot we had cookies and milk for breakfast on Sundays growing up, ok not every Sunday but they weren't a healthy alternative just a fun break.  Cut yourself a little slack you do a ton.

    • lostandtired

      @Charyss I appreciate it. Thank you.

  • ChrisCrane

    The pie is better for them then the GMO ,artificial colored cereal ,the pie at least has real ingredients. And with the new Almond allergy you are dealing with ,cereal is more likely to be contaminated  with coming into contact with nuts (look how many cereal today have almonds or nut clusters,even the types without may use the same machines ) We stopped buying cereal because of the price,then we learned about GMO 's and then we removed milk . Eggs,and greek yougert  and oatmeal are the choices here, I can't deal with to many choices in the morning !

  • Paradigm

    I just have to say that pumpkin pie for breakfast is YUM!  And, nutritionally sound.  I just checked for you.  And honestly, I think you probably did your kids a favor.
    High Levels:  Vit A, Vit K, Riboflavin, Thiamin, Selenium, Phosphorus, Manganese
    Mid Levels:  Vit E, B6, B12, Niacine, Pantathenic Acid, Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Copper
    It is also a high source of protein, and, better yet, is loaded with fiber.
    So, I would be willing to bet that there is NO breakfast cereal out there (or pop tart) that could even come close to touching the nutritional value, and sheer pleasure, of pumpkin pie for breakfast!

    • lostandtired

      @Paradigm that's awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that. :-)

  • KayTurner

    I've sent mine to school full of left over pizza before!

    • lostandtired

      @KayTurner same here. Been there done that.

  • Amy

    It happens… My son had pre packaged peanut butter crackers this morning… I let him raid the school snacks because we are out of cereal and eggs and juice and almost out of bread …     Guess I'll be going to the store today!

    • lostandtired

      @Amy that's where I'll be today. I hate black Friday but I will have to battle my way through the grocery store.

  • ca276

    We always ate pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving when I was a kid.  I thought everybody did!

    • lostandtired

      @ca276 perhaps we have a new tradition.

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